Undoubtedly, receiving a golden visa from the UAE has its benefits. You can travel freely within and outside of the UAE if you have a long-term residency there. With an investment of as little as AED 2 million, UAE real estate investors can now have access to a golden visa. Real estate investors are eligible for the golden visa even if they borrow money from certain local institutions to buy a property. Off-plan properties are also eligible for the golden visa as long as they are purchased through recognized local real estate firms. These off-plan homes are available to purchase in order to qualify for the golden visa. 

The entrance threshold for obtaining a golden visa may occasionally be lowered by developers offering payment plans that allow you to qualify for one with an investment as low as 10% without a mortgage (AED 200,000) and 25% with one (AED 500,000). The April 2022 regulation reform has boosted the Dubai real estate market, resulting in record transactions, and attracted a large number of new investors, both domestic and foreign. In May, the total number of transactions in the residential market in Dubai reached a 13-year high as investors, high net worth people, and business owners planned business migration to the city, according to a report by CBRE. 

Advantages of a UAE GOLDEN VISA 

The benefits of holding a UAE golden visa are as follows:  

  1. A 10-year resident visa that is renewable in the UAE 
  2. No employer or sponsor is necessary
  3. The length of time spent outside the UAE does not invalidate the status of golden residency. 
  4. To obtain the golden visa residency, the initial entry visa is valid for six months with additional entries.
  5. Families can apply for additional golden visas with no age restriction, including for a spouse and children. 
  6. Family members of visa holders may maintain their golden residence status till the conclusion of the term in the event of death.

What Do I Need for 5-Years Golden Visa Application 

  • A valid passport 
  • A digital copy of the title deed certificate is also required.  
  • A picture of yourself. 
  • Proof of health insurance  
  • Genuine ID from Emirates 

Required Conditions (Any 1) 

  1. Owned shares of at least one property, totalling at least $2 million, in the applicant’s name. 
  2. The bank must receive at least $200,000 of the property’s worth in the event that it is mortgaged. In this instance, a letter confirming payment and a NOC are required.
  3. A couple can live in the same home together. Required as proof is a marriage license. 
  4. Obtain a loan from one or more local institutions to buy a property. 
  5. Purchase a minimum of one off-plan property for AED two million from an authorized local real estate


  1. Medical (VIP) – 753 AED   
  1. Emirates ID – 573 AED   
  1. New visa – 2,288.75 AED   
  1. Management Fees – 100 AED   
  1. Total 3714.75 AED 

What is The Procedure? 

Step 1: The customer first goes to the Cube Centre in the Dubai Land Department.  

Step 2: The client submits the necessary information and pays the fees.  

Step 3: The Centre is where the medical examination is conducted.  

Step 4: Print the visa on your passport in 

7 to 10 working days are the projected timeframe. 

How to Apply for 10-Years Golden Visa? 

You can use the ICA website/app or AMER centres to submit an online application for the 10-year golden visa.  

Through ICA  

  1. Download the UAEICP app or apply online at the ICA website. 
  2. Select “Start Service.” 
  3. Complete the form completely and attach the necessary documents. 
  4. Cover the service charge 

Your application will be examined, and you could be required to provide more supporting information. You should always have your most recent Emirates ID, title deed, picture, and health insurance on available. 

Through AMER 

1. Visit one of the Amer Centres’ service locations.  

  1. At the front desk, choose the necessary service. 
  2. Present the necessary documentation to the service representative. 
  3. Document verification 
  4. Cover the service charges 
  5. Fill out an application