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­­For Guests

How Does the Booking Process Work?
You can book directly through Welhome’s website by selecting your desired property and dates and following the prompts to complete your reservation.
Will I Receive a Confirmation from Welhome After Booking?

You will receive an email confirmation shortly after completing your booking with Welhome. 

Can I Make Changes to My Booking?

Yes, contact Welhome’s customer service team to make changes, subject to availability and booking policies. 

Property and Stay

What Is the Check-in and Check-out Time?

Check-in is at 3:00 PM, and check-out is at 11:00 AM. 

What Do I Do If All the Properties Show as Booked and Unavailable Online?

Contact Welhome’s customer service for assistance with finding alternative accommodation or to check for any last-minute availability. 

Can I Request a Copy of My Invoice or Receipt for My Stay?

You can request a copy of your invoice or receipt by contacting Welhome’s customer service. 

Do You Allow Pets?

Pets are not allowed at Welhome properties unless specified in the property listing. 

Can I Store My Luggage at the Property If I Arrive Before Check-in?

You can request early luggage storage by contacting Welhome’s customer service in advance. 

Can I Request a Baby Cot for My Room?

You can request a baby cot, subject to availability. Please get in touch with Welhome’s customer service to arrange this. 

Can I Leave My Luggage at the Unit After Check-out?

No, but you can request luggage storage by contacting Welhome’s customer service in advance. 

Payment and Cancellation

Can I Pay Upon Arrival at the Property?

As with any other online booking platform, Welhome requires payment when booking to secure your reservation. 

What Payment Methods Do You Accept for Bookings?

Welhome accepts credit cards, debit cards, and other online payment methods. 

Do I Need to Pay Anything Additional Upon Arrival?

No, all payments are made at the time of booking unless otherwise specified. 

What Is Welhome’s Refund Policy? (Do I Get a Full Refund Upon Cancellation?)

Refunds depend on the cancellation policy of the specific property booked. Please refer to the property’s cancellation terms at the time of booking. 

When Will I Receive My Security Deposit Back?

The security deposit is typically refunded within 7-14 days after check-out, if paid online. And given back on the day of checkout if paid in cash; provided no damages or outstanding charges exist. 

For Host

What Are the Benefits of Listing My Property as a Holiday Home Rental?

Listing your property as a holiday home rental can provide several benefits: 

  • Additional Income: Earn extra income by renting your property to travelers. 
  • Flexibility: Rent out your property only when you choose, allowing for personal use. 
  • Exposure: Gain visibility through Welhome’s platform, reaching a broad audience of potential guests. 
  • Professional Management: Benefit from professional property management services, including guest communication and cleaning. 
How Do I Get Started with Listing My Property as Holiday Home?

To get started with listing your property for holiday home rental, contact our business development team on  

Property Listing & Management

How Do You Handle Security Deposits from Guests?

Welhome collects security deposits during booking and holds them until after check-out. The deposit is refunded, provided no damages or outstanding charges exist. 

Can I List Multiple Properties for Holiday Home Rentals?

Yes, you can list multiple properties on Welhome. Each property must be registered and listed individually. 

What Safety Measures Should I Implement for My Holiday Homes?

Ensure your property has: 

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors 
  • Fire Extinguishers 
  • First Aid Kits 
  • Secure Locks on Doors and Windows 
  • Clear Emergency Contact Information and Evacuation Routes 
Do You Offer Insurance Protection for My Holiday Home?

Yes, Welhome offers insurance protection options to cover potential liabilities. Contact Welhome for specific details on the insurance coverage available. 

What Fees Are Associated with Listing My Property?

Fees may include a listing fee, a service fee per booking, and additional optional services like professional cleaning or property management. Specific fee details can be found on Welhome’s website or by contacting customer service. 

How Will Welhome Market My Vacation Rental Property?

We market your property through: 

  • Our Platform and Website 
  • Social Media Channels 
  • Email Marketing Campaigns 
  • Partnerships With Travel Websites and Agencies 
  • Search Engine Optimization to Improve Visibility 
Will My Listing Appear on Major Rental Platforms?

Yes, Welhome partners with all major rental platforms to increase the visibility of your listing and attract more potential guests. These include Airbnb,, Expedia, and Agoda to name a few. 

Can I Set Minimum Night Stays and Rates for My Rental?

You can set minimum night stays and rates for your rental property through Welhome’s listing management system. 

WelHome Services

How Much Will I Have to Pay for Your Service?

Welhome charges a flat percentage fee with no hidden costs or additional service feesContact our team for more details.  

Do You Manage Bookings and Guest Communication for Me?

Yes, Welhome manages bookings and guest communication, including handling inquiries, confirmations, and any issues that arise during the stay. 

What Screening Process Do You Have for Guests?

Welhome screens guests through identity verification, reviewing guest profiles, and checking past reviews from other hosts. This process helps ensure that guests are reliable and trustworthy. 

What Happens If Something Is Damaged During a Stay?

If something is damaged during a stay, the guest’s security deposit typically covers the cost of repairs or replacements. Welhome will assist in documenting the damage and facilitating the claim process to ensure you are compensated. 

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